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The Epilepsy Social Research Unit

Universidad Nebrija, Centro de Investigación Nebrija en Cognición (CINC) y ApoyoDravet.

Prof. Jon Andoni Duñabeitia
Dr Luis Miguel Aras

The Epilepsy Social Research Unit of the Nebrija University (Nebrija Science Centre in Cognition) and ApoyoDravet, develops its research activities in social, health and cognitive sciences in the field of epileptic diseases.

Its main mission is to contribute to scientific progress, which includes planning and carrying out research based on the interdisciplinary nature of experts, with the aim of fostering a framework of integration and collaboration.

The general objective is to address the social and psychological study of both those affected and their families in order to promote new research and to identify and propose interventions that contribute to the healthy development of families in all contexts that may be vulnerable.

Dr. Jon Andoni Duñabeitia is the coordinating director of the Social Research Unit on Epilepsies, as well as of the Nebrija Research Centre on Cognition. He is a researcher in Cognitive Science and currently works as a professor in the Faculty of Languages and Education at the Nebrija University. The coordinating promoter of the Social Research Unit on Epilepsies is Dr. Luis Miguel Aras, director and president of the ApoyoDravet Association, who collaborates directly with the Unit. Among his contributions, it should be noted that ApoyoDravet offers care to a large group of relatives and people close to those affected, extending its support to the entire community linked to Dravet syndrome, childhood neurological diseases and rare diseases with epilepsy.

The operational head of the Social Research Unit on Epilepsies is Mr. Rafael Salom Borrás, specialised in General Health Psychology, currently a pre-doctoral researcher at the Nebrija Research Centre in Cognition and the ApoyoDravet Association.

It also has the collaboration of Dr. Jessica Piñero Peñalver, director of the Fundación Salud Infantil, which offers interdisciplinary care to children between 0 and 16 years of age who are born with a disability or at risk of suffering it. And, the pre-doctoral researchers Mr. Jose Luís Tapia Iglesias and Mr. Jose Francisco Rocabado Rocha, who belong to the Nebrija Research Centre in Cognition.


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